Changing Lives Through Music

In tribute to Phyllis and Royce Saltzman in support of scholarships for the Stangeland Family Youth Choral Academy

Ever since the earliest days of the Oregon Bach Festival, Phyllis and Royce Saltzman have led the effort to be a world leader in music education.  1998 marked the beginning of The Stangeland Family Youth Choral Academy, a resident program for talented high school aged singers to hone their talents under the guidance of Dr. Anton Armstrong during the Oregon Bach Festival. This transformative program draws some of the best young singers in the United States for world-class musical training, performances alongside professional OBF musicians and a first glimpse of life on a University campus.   This program changes lives.

Each summer, of the eighty-five singers accepted to the Choral Academy on their performing merit, nearly 50% seek financial help to pay tuition due to economic hardship.  While the Oregon Bach Festival provides what scholarship assistance it can, there simply isn’t enough to meet the need, and many talented young singers cannot afford to attend.

The Phyllis and Royce Saltzman Scholarship Fund is an endowment to support scholarships for the Stangeland Family Youth Choral Academy participants.  Led by a $250,000 challenge donation from an anonymous donor, all gifts to this fund will be matched 100% up to $250,000 over the next two years.

We invite you to join this effort, to give the opportunity to experience this special program to all students who possesses the talent and dedication, regardless of economic standing.  Help us to honor Phyllis and Royce Saltzman for all they have done to make this Festival so special.