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Application Directions:

  1. Begin your online application here. You may return to it at any time, you do not need to complete it on your first visit.
  2. Record your audition according to the instructions below. You can download a PDF copy of these instructions here.
  3. You will need to submit one letter of recommendation from your school music teacher, private voice teacher, or other musical professional. This recommendation is requested directly through the online portal, you do not need to obtain and upload it yourself. Please contact your chosen teacher before you enter their details into the application so that they know to expect a request from the online portal.
  4. Submit the following audition requirements by recording in the order given. Sections B, C, D, and E should be sung without accompaniment except for reference pitches.

We recommend recording your audition in multiple segments as follows:

  • Segment 1: Vocal Solo
  • Segment 2: America the Beautiful
  • Segment 3: Vocal Exercises (sections C – E of the audition requirements)
  • Segment 4: Prescribed passage from JS Bach’s Christ lag in Todes Banden, BWV 4

Please label the segments accordingly to avoid confusion. For example: “Smith, Jane, Vocal Solo” or “Doe, John, Vocal Exercises.”

2018 SFYCA Audition Requirements:

  1. Sing a song of your choosing, accompanied or unaccompanied. Announce the title and composer of your selection.
  2. Sing the first verse of America the Beautiful (“O beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain,” etc.) in the key given for each voice type:
Soprano I Key of F (begin on C, octave above middle C) Tenor I Key of E (begin on B below middle C)
Soprano II Key of E-flat (begin on Bb above middle C) Tenor II Tenor II Key of D (begin on A below middle C)
Alto I Key of A (begin on E above middle C) Bass I Key of B-flat (begin on F below middle C)
Alto II Key of G (begin on D above middle C) Bass II Key of F-sharp (begin on C# below middle C)

3. Sing exercise C on “ah” (no initial consonants) demonstrating your ability to sing different dynamic levels and articulations as indicated below. You may repeat individual exercises if you wish. The piano may give an initial pitch for each exercise. For each exercise, please sing at quarter note = 60.

  • mezzo -forte, legato
  • fortissimo, legato
  • piano, legato
  • forte, marcato
  • mezzo-forte, staccato, presto

4. Sing exercise D legato and unaccompanied, on ‘ah’, beginning in the middle of your range. Repeat the exercise, each time a half step higher, until you have reached the upper limit of your useful range. Please announce at the beginning in what key you are starting.

5. Sing exercise E legato and unaccompanied, on whatever vowel you wish, beginning in the middle of your range, at the same tempo as exercise D. Repeat the exercise, each time a half step lower, until you have reached  the lower limit of your useful range. Please announce at the beginning in what key you are starting.

6. Sing the prescribed passage from JS Bach’s cantata BWV 4, Christ lag in Todes Banden. Download the score for each passage by clicking on your voice part below.

Altos: Sing movement 4 (Versus 1), mm. 1-24 downbeat. Tempo: quarter note = 82.
Soprano/Tenor/Bass: Sing movement 5 (Versus 4), mm. 1-24 downbeat. Tempo: quarter note = 78.

PLEASE NOTE: The audition website allows a maximum of FIVE audio clips and the accepted audio file types are .mp3, .wma, .ogg, and .flac. You may need to trim your audio or convert the files accordingly and you can do this online for free at the following sites:

Audio trimming:
Audio joining:
Audio file conversion:

Audacity is a free audio editing program that will allow you to do all of these things offline. You can download it at


Practice Tracks:

*Practice tracks for these each voice are available below but should not used as accompaniment for recording.

**We strongly recommend that you sing this passage with a live accompanist. If you are unable to find an accompanist, a recorded piano accompaniment is available below, but we encourage you to make every effort to sing with live piano.

Soprano Vocal Line
Amplified Soprano with Tutti

Alto Vocal Line
Amplified Alto with Tutti

Tenor Vocal Line
Amplified Tenor with Tutti

Bass Vocal Line
Amplified Bass with Tutti

Piano Accompaniment Tracks:

Alto Excerpt Piano Accompaniment
Soprano/Tenor/Bass Excerpt Piano Accompaniment

Sample Concert Recordings:

Alto Excerpt Concert Recording
Soprano/Tenor/Bass Excerpt Concert Recording